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Apple IMAC Tangerine 400 MHz Desktop Computers Review

Apple IMAC Tangerine 400 MHz

Welcome to the completely new iMac. With its new Setup Assistant, the iMac can get you on the Internet in ten minutes. And you no longer even have to hook up your computer near whatever less-than-ideal spot the phone jack happens to be located. By adding an optional AirPort Card and connecting an AirPort Base Station to your phone line, cable modem or DSL modem, you can keep your iMac anywhere you like up to 150 feet away from your wired Internet connection. The easy-access door lets you install the AirPort Card (or additional RAM, or both) in seconds. The DV-model iMacs not only let you watch movies, they even let you get started making them yourself. iMac DV models come loaded with Apple's easy-to-use iMovie software. Transferring digital video is a snap, using a FireWire cable to connect your DV camcorder to your iMac. (For a limited time only, Apple is including a free FireWire cable with DV-model iMacs.) The FireWire port is sometimes called the IEEE 1394 port or (in the case of Sony camcorders) the I.LINK port. The important thing is, they all work with your DV-model iMac.

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